Thursday, 23 May 2013

Google Analytics Report

In this blog post I will go over the Google analytics information, this will tell us various things about the average viewer of this site such as where in the world he/she is living, what web browser he/she was using when viewing it and also who stuck around and was a recurring viewer as opposed to who only viewed it once.

Since its creation my blog has been viewed 674 times as of today. A lot of these views may have been myself as I refreshed the page to see the changes I've made. Google analytics has also given me the page view count of today, yesterday and last week.

Next we can see the blog posts in order of highest view count.

An interesting statistic was the page views by country. As you would expect the country with the most visitors was Ireland with 458, next was the United States with 108 and after was Germany with 53, I found this interesting as I don't know anyone from the US or Germany and yet so many views came from those countries. I have a suspicion that those visitors were not legit.
I liked this next analysis because of the clean pie-chart that was made including the information, this is page views by operating system. By which it means which operating system had the most people view my blog from. Windows was first with 578 users as I would have expected next is from Macintosh with 34 viewers and after comes Linux with 25 viewers, personally I didn't think that the Windows users would massively overshadow the Linux and Macintosh viewers.

Finally we will look at how each visitor was redirected to my site, whether they linked from another page or if they searched keywords from Google, Colin Manning's site redirected most of my traffic due to there being  a list of all students in our year and their blogs on his site. The following sites that I received traffic from were those of my classmate's blogs.

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